We are in the middle of a revolution.

It’s one we’ve never seen before; it’s one we’ve never felt before; but it’s stirring inside all of us at this very moment.  Isn’t it funny how life goes?  In waves.  The essence of nature is a wave, for it is in everything.  Our wave is breaking now.

Look around the physical world.  Changes are occurring.  Revolutions in Egypt, Turkey, Brazil, all around the world the greatest revolutions in human history are taking place and the shift has only just begun.  Currently all major aspects of society, locally and globally, are poised for significant change.

The revolution is big.

In preparation for what is in store we must look back to another moment when a spark in human consciousness detonated a powerful explosion of conscious change throughout Western Europe…  The French revolution of 1789.

This breakthrough brought forth some of the greatest artistic creations in mankind’s history.  The Raft of the Medusa by Théodore Géricault, The op.10 etudes by Chopin, Victor Hugo’s “Les Miserables”, amazing pieces of art that stemmed from the heart of pure human consciousness to soil a new way forward.

The vibration of post-revolution was palpable, flowing around the awakening energy source, in this case, was Germany and France circa 1850.

When the wave of revolution comes you can either be taken down with it or ride safely to shore.

I choose to ride.

Our current root-source of palpable, revolutionary energy is the entire planet.  Waves upon waves have been building to this single, climactic surge of power.   Europe’s renaissance period, giving birth to written music, harmony and folk melody.  The Romantic Era bringing some of the most creative, most forward-thinking minds to the conscious-grid of music.  Musicians like Chopin, Brahms, Verdi, Schumann, Liszt, Wagner.  These musicians quantified sound and took the abstraction as far as they could grow.

In their minds music was unlimited and their imaginations powerful.  Composers like Wagner who single-handedly, through sheer act of will, carved out the Opera “Das Rheingold” the three day behemoth that tells story of the ring of power and the fall of man.  Niccolo Paganini who hungered to transcend man’s instrumental capabilities by igniting the world on fire with his virtuosity on the violin.  And Liszt, who followed Paganini’s fervent dedication to his instrument and its possibilities.

This was a time of great stride in music.  The audience heard and saw things that they never imagined possible and the world was enthralled by the performances in Art, Dance, Theater and Music.  Their whole perception of their reality was changing on a daily, monthly, yearly basis.  This sensation is returning once again to humanity.

Now, in the beginnings of a new dawn, we look to Art as a beacon of truth.  Art is the beautiful mirror of the state of human consciousness.  Great works of Art display great depth of consciousness and we are attracted to great works because it displays the potential we all have as human beings.  Therefore it is in are best interest, during this revolution, to recalibrate our conscious focus away from the material possessions and back into Art.  There is much truth and beauty to be found in the creations that preceded us.  There is much for us to gain by studying them.

Let us come together at the beginning of this free, globally-aligned network of consciousness and create some new amazing pieces of Art.  The more we study, the more we discuss, the more we discover.  Nobody has the answer but we’re all on this search together.  Begin the revolution now.


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