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 About Blog

Welcome to Octavesandovertones.  This blog was up set up to act as both an educational source for information as well as a multifaceted musical journal containing articles, postings, poems, pictures, conscious spurts from my brain and a myriad of rich musical moments.  It will basically contain anything I feel pertinent to the ever-fluctuating state of modern music.

This site will not be music class.

This site will not be a textbook.

It will be ever-changing and engaging so as to keep up with the times by flashing back throughout history.  We will learn about everything, listen to everything and discuss everything that pertains to music with only the desire to stimulate radical breakthrough ideas and performances.

As this blog grows, I will be posting my own musical compositions, pop covers, film-score arrangements, famous classical pieces, unknown classical pieces, jazz tunes and much more.  I will perform these pieces on a wide variety of pianos and at different pitch tunings.

My favorite tuning is what you will hear the most on this blog and that is the tuning of A432hz.

Modern classical music and all modern pop musical instruments are currently built and calibrated to the pitch frequency of A440hz.  The pitch that frequencies are tuned to can have an enormous effect on us as people as well as on nature and it is this kind of subject matter we will be discussing and reporting on throughout this blog.

I want people to experience, for themselves, what different tunings feel, sound and resonate best.  Octavesandovertones was designed to be the premier source of music tuned to A432hz and any musician or sound enthusiast who feels is desire to join me on this journey is more than welcome, just send me a message on the contact page and together we can recalibrate the frequency of this world.

Hope you enjoy the music.


-Brian Deegan Peck

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