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Euclid’s Reverie


In 1869 it was Thomas Huxley who considered the mysterious force, at the time named protoplasm, “the physical basis of life”. The mysterious liquid inside the cell walls surrounds the cell nucleus in eukaryote and prokaryote cells.

There are two types of protoplasms, tree-like structures called dendrites and axons.


Body of a cell

These two projections work together to spread electrical stimulation via synapses.

It is important to note that the longest axons in the human body are those of the sciatic nerve which run from the base of the spine down to the big toe of each foot.

Retinal ganglion cells, found in the inner most layer of the retina, all share the defying property of having a long axon (protoplasm) that extends into the brain. These axons form important aspects of the optic system including the optic nerve, the optic chiasm and the optic tract. Here they project information into the brain where they synapse at the thalamus.

Many different functions are linked to the thalamus including auditory, somatic, visceral, gustatory and visual systems.

The thalamus and the hippocampus are linked through the limbic system. Most of the functions involving the hippocampus pertain to short and long term memory.

Our memories, or our reflections of specific moment in time/space, are largely reorganized and reinterpreted by our own self in a variety of ways.  Throughout the totality of our global-concioussness grid, our collective memories fragment and intermingle feverishly in order to construct the formation of our physical reality.

Music can be a powerful trigger for past moments and imagination, as can certain smells and tastes. Looking back on our past largely results in a quasi-fictitious interpretation of what truly was reality.

The physical moment of each quickly experienced “in-the-now” life event instantly begins to fade and morph in our mind into an interpreted reflection which is now susceptible to our own imagination and bias. Interestingly enough, our own reinterpretation becomes implanted in our brain as a truth, and thus, reshapes our emotional body to said time/place as well as our own physical body at the cell-memory level.

This can be best recognized through the fluidity of attachment and the power of emotional magnetism.



Your brain is made up of billions of brain cells called neurons which use electricity (photonic energy) to communicate with one another. This electrical activity traveling along an axon in the brain can be detected and measured through the use of medical equipment like an EEG (electroencephalogram).

This is best known as a brainwave pattern.

Waves are defined as an energy transport phenomenon. A pulse, or single disturbance moving through a medium from one location to another location, repeatedly constitutes the wave pattern.

A frequency refers to the number of waves that pass through a fixed place in a certain amount of time. This measurement of waves was named after 19th century physician Heinrich Rudolf Hertz and is what we today recognize as “hertz”.

A432 Hz simply refers to an A note vibrating (number of waves or disturbances) 432 times per second.


Cymatics A432 hz

During a dream our brainwaves are typically measured at the theta level which is around 4-8 Hz. This range is most closely associated with relaxation, trance meditation, imagination, deep sleep and inspiration. At this level the physical body goes nearly limp and the mind disconnects from the body’s sensory connection to the outside world.

It is at this point, the point of disconnection from physical reality, that we are said to be dreaming.

This is also sometimes referred to as the astral plane.

Many amazing works of art have been inspired from this level consciousness including John Lennon’s “Number 9”, Edgar Allen Poe’s “Dream Within a Dream”, And Robert Schumann’s “Traumerei”.

To further facilitate your abilities to reach the theta level you can listen to the recording below especially around the time of meditation or sleep.

As all actions first begin as an inspiration or an idea it is important to exercise your imagination and connect to the realm of thoughts and dreams. The astral plane, along with the mental and etheric planes are the layers which descend downwards towards the physical plane.

The bridge being the plasma plane.

We all must take part in the physical dream that we agree upon to be our reality and so it must be us who decide to make our reality exactly that…

A dream.








“One day it will have to be officially admitted that what we have christened reality is an even greater illusion than the world of dreams.” – Salvador Dali

The Embroiled Dance With Disordered Chaos



“Eureka! I have found it.” – Archimedes

In physics, energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms.

Simply defined, energy is the capacity for doing work. Human beings get their energy from food through a process called cellular respiration. It is important to note that energy is never lost, it is only ever transferred.

The following is an article elaborating on the process of cellular respiration

Within the mitochondria matrix resides the energy storage molecule ATP. Inside the dual membrane of the mitochondria we find what’s called the Electron Transport Chain or (ETC).



The ETC transports high-energy coenzymes called NADH. NADH is critical to the mechanized process of transporting hydrogen throughout the matrix and converting the Suns powerful energy into ATP.

This whole process is a major transference of energy. From low energy to high energy. This chemical conversion has an enormous influence over the encompassed whole that is our physical body.

These intense energetic transference take place primarily within the Eurkaryote and Prokaryote cells.

The Prokaryote contain no mitochondria and, instead, the Prokaryote are broken into dual segments, Bacteria and Archaea.

Taken from Wikipedia…

Although probable prokaryotic cell fossils date to almost 3.5 billion years ago, most prokaryotes do not have distinctive morphologies and fossil shapes cannot be used to identify them as archaea.[41] Instead, chemical fossils of unique lipids are more informative because such compounds do not occur in other organisms.[42] Some publications suggest that archaeal or eukaryotic lipid remains are present in shales dating from 2.7 billion years ago;[43] such data have since been questioned.[44] Such lipids have also been detected in even older rocks from west Greenland. The oldest such traces come from the Isua district, which include Earth’s oldest known sediments, formed 3.8 billion years ago.[45] The archaeal lineage may be the most ancient that exists on Earth.

The Archae and Eurkayotes have lived together in a dual, symbiotic existence since the beginning of planet Earth.

Much of their connection is embedded in our genetic (DNA and RNA) makeup.

Blue-green algae, a form of Prokaryotic bacteria, provides a great source of protein, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins for the human body. Blue-green algae is one of the richest nutrient sources on the planet.


Kalamath Lake, OR









The enormous history of the Archae can even be traced back through centuries Human mythological texts and encompass the ancient aspects of duality, Kenomic world view and Pleromic world view.

Prokaryotes (bacteria and Archae) as well as Eukaryotes comprise the basic construct for energy synthesis throughout the bio-mechanical, physical body.

Maintaining and respecting the bodies process at the cellular level, primarily in regarding food intake is vitally important as it is representative and reflective of the totality of all that is You.

Living plant-sources such as blue-green algae and wheatgrass are prime examples of food rich with high antioxidant content, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamin C and essential amino acids.



Take care of your body and optimize the trillions of energetic transferences occurring throughout your totality.  Take pride in what you consume as there is a vibration to every living organism on this earth as well as a vibrational impact with what you feast upon.

We are all, ultimately, part of the same ancient story that dates back billions of years.  To this day that epic continues, reflected vibrantly through the pulsating energy of light and sound.




The Sacred Attunement of Animal and Man





“What is life? It is the flash of a firefly in the night. It is the breath of a buffalo in the winter time. It is the little shadow which runs across the grass and loses itself in the Sunset.” -Crowfoot

The animals.

The sounds of creation echoing primordially via the externalized expression of nature’s brio.

It is the sounds of nature with which we can best hear the articulations of creation itself, and, any given moment the harmonious balance of species living amongst one another is interacting via the materials of creation, vibration and sound.

You can hear this orchestral display in the jungles, forests, deserts and oceans of mother Earth.

Each specie has its own vibration and its own attributes that allow it to hear and communicate with its species and similar others.

Listen to the songs of nature.

The birds, the frogs, the primates all have their own unique artistic and expressive display of song and sound.

A jungle at night is alive with the raging beauty of animal and reptilian dynamism.

The common thread that makes this diversified aural collage become one is the frequency at which nature has attuned itself.

A432 hz is embodied and expressed throughout nature, whether through the song of the whale, the crack of thunder or the buzz of the insect, each creature, no matter its signature physical vibration, is connected through this beautiful and common thread.

Humans are the only species to diverge from this natural connection through the exploration of alternative frequencies. The current frequency we use, A440 hz, is a very unnatural and harsh frequency that we, especially in the U.S, listen to and distort. These small adjustments can and do have a significant impact on our psyche, physical body and our collective as a whole.

As each being on earth is a literal transmitter of energy expressed through the vibrations of sound and light, it is vital that we reassess the frequency at which we attune our music and make the adjustments required to return back to the original frequencies found in nature.

It is vital that we rejoin the balanced harmony of multi-layered, dimensional expression and utilize our unique human powers of artistic creation for the betterment of the collective.

The major difference between us and Gaia’s animal kingdom is the exploration and awareness of consciousness. We are artistic creators with unlimited creativity and ability, and, like the dimensions themselves each creation, each piece of music, is a world unto itself, constructed from sound and expressed billions of times, billions of ways both physically and mentally, via the grid of sound.

We are all connected via the grid of sound, it is a universal connection.

Sound and music is not the only display of vibrational expression, love, truth, athleticism, physique, dance and beauty all uniquely depict human ability.

It is through sound and music that we, as a species, can best explore our imaginative powers of emotional expression and expansion.

Music is a powerful tool with which we can easily access and connect with our higher-self, internal memory and eternal story.

Relish the fact that you are a part of the creation and constantly contributing to creation through your thoughts, actions and sounds. Contribute to the symphony that make up the embodied internal expression of who You are. Interpret the songs of others for you are them and they are You. Include our animal brethren as they are also part of the expression and therefore they are also You. Vibrating and expressing always, adapting their song to form new harmonies and motifs that will thus expand consciousness, You and the story of eternal expression.


“We are the earth, made of the same stuff; there is no other, no division between us and “lower” or “higher” forms of being.” Estella Lauder