About Me

About Me

My name is Brian Deegan Peck and I am a classically trained pianist and writer.  I grew up in Seattle, Washington and currently live in Los Angeles, California.

The piano has been my instrument for twelve years now and still, to this day, I am making new discoveries, pushing myself further in search for the truth through the beauty of sound.

There are very few things I find true in this world but music is one of them.  Music is a mystery, it is emotional, it is nostalgic and it is profound.  I want to learn everything I can about music and this blog will journalize my experiences on that adventure.

I hope you will enjoy those experiences with me.

Happy listenings.

-Brian Deegan Peck


One thought on “About Me

  1. Allan Moyle

    hey brian

    the devine copious harvey smith linked me to your
    site because she sensed i’d be interested. I am!

    I am a Canadian born film-maker living in Venice CA
    and I’m an amateur practitioner of occult and new age
    arts and sciences.

    I made a documentary about terrance mckenna and
    i am currently editing a ‘home’ movie about the so called
    ‘new biology’ aka bio-reprograming etc etc.
    It’s about where epigeneology and family constellations
    and hypnotism and trance and other phenomena
    meet in healing modalities.

    And, as you know, sound is crucial.

    Anyway I hope to meet you with Copious some day but
    I am writing today to tell you that the crickets/angels
    thing is missing from your site.

    Any other way to hear them?


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