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Hi!  My name is Brian Deegan Peck and this is my blog.  I know it’s not much now but soon it is to blossom into a rich world of information regarding the immeasurable impact music has in all of our lives.

Music is the inescapable force we share together on this planet and it is that inescapable force that fascinates me.  Sure we don’t all agree on what good music is but we can all agree that there is such a thing as good music.  No matter where you are from, what time period you grew up in, what conditions you were raised in or what your cultural practices are, we can all agree… There is good music.

I’m here to share with everybody my thoughts on what makes good music.

I am doing this out of love because I find there is no gift greater than the gift of music.  It’s a gift we all love to receive.  It’s a gift we all love to share and it’s a gift we all love to experience.  Music has the ability to shape and alter our entire consciousness at any single moment in time brightening otherwise dull experiences into vibrant bursts of energetic light palpable to anyone who chooses to connect with its hypnotic power.

This power is in our control.

This power is our creation.

It is this notion that I seek to explore further.

How do we, as a species, come together and connect to create a richer, fuller musical experience?  How far have we come on our musical journey?  And where are we going?  These are the questions I want to have answered and I can’t do it alone.

This blog will be a myriad of performances, articles, essays and videos collected by myself and from others to paint an overall broad picture of what music has to offer us.  The potential of music is staggering and where music has been is an interesting story that I’m sure will engage each of you.

During this blog a good amount of information will be posted in regards to the science of music.  As much as the human collective listens to music most people don’t realize or understand the science behind the music that moves them.  Most people simply accept music as a mysterious force that some people have and some people don’t (with all of us being thankful for those with who “have it!”) but as you look further into the science behind music you realize that the patterns of vibration and harmonic overtones that make up this art have a far greater impact on our world than anybody could ever imagine.

If the force of music is so powerful that its constructed sounds can move us to dance and make people cry, perhaps further exploration behind the science of music is needed?

It is.

This blog is about exploring the impact of music through the science of sound frequencies, waves and rhythms.  We will learn where music has been, where it is going, the ancient secrets of A432hz, the history of pitch, the genius of Bach, Beethoven and Mozart, the enrichment of our western foundation, the enlightenment of our new age and the cultural significance of modern pop music.

There is so much to explore on this site I simply cannot wait to start posting and sharing music with you.

So welcome again and I hope you enjoy what this site has to offer.  If you want to know a little bit about me you can read about it on my About Me page.  In short I am a classical pianist living in Los Angeles, California.  Now I have a blog… Cheers!


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