The Power of Quartz Crystal!


*The second most abundant mineral on earth.  Made of Silicon and oxygen.

*A six-sided prism with six pyramids at each end.

*With piezoelectric properties  – quartz crystal is a powerful conductor of electricity.

*The quartz crystal oscillator – developed 1926 – used to control the frequency of radio broadcasting stations.

cymatic pentagon

*Now we use synthetic quartz crystal grown by – Hydrothermal synthesis.

*Our electronic grid no longer utilizes the planets most powerful source of energy.

*A natural energy source guided by frequencies.

*The quartz crystals are manufactured for frequencies from a few tens of kilohertz to tens of megahertz.

*They were created by and controlled by corporations like Bell Laboratories, AT&T and Vectron International.

Vectron International

*Vectron International is a world leader in the design, manufacture and marketing of Frequency Control, Sensor, and Hybrid Product solutions (quartz crystal oscillators) – ranging from DC to microwave frequencies.

Vectron International

*Vectron is also the leader in distributing and designing synthetic quartz crystal oscillators.

*Vectron specializes in —

Wireless – Military – Space – Wireline

*Vectron controls the vibration grid through precisely controlled frequencies all while using synthesized quartz crystal grown by Hydrothermal synthesis.

cellphone towers

If we are vibrating, kinetic energetic beings of light that palpitate and re-calibrate according to the environment around us – Perhaps we should take into consideration the unseen frequency grid that surrounding us everyday.  X-ray, microwave, radio wave and infrared.

*Microwaves – most prevalent  – used in cell phone communication, radar and satellite technology.  They are the second lowest vibrating frequency.

*Radio waves – lowest in vibration – used in wireless technology and communication.


Quartz crystal 

*We could be using the second most abundant mineral on earth.

A super-charged source of vibrational power.

Nature’s conductor of electricity.

Frozen light.

Raw and unsynthesized

A beautiful resonance enhancer.

The future of vibration liberation and sound technology.

Quartz crystal.

It’s up to us.



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