The Healing Power Of Sound! A432hz

A432hz Pitch Coil Heals Man From Life Crippling Body Burn

This is a true story about John Fiala, chief engineer for Tesla Tech.  

Two Years Ago, on October 9th 2010, John was severely injured when a live mortar malfunctioned sending burning shrapnel straight into his chest. 

His body ignited on fire resulting in catastrophic damage to his right side.

The doctor (a P.H.D Oral surgeon) and part of the reserve Army Unit told him he had at the very least 20-24 months of deep plastic surgery and skin gaft burn rehabilitation before he would even begin to see skin grow again.

John used three frequencies, 512hz, 432hz and 256hz…

Heart chakra (C=512hz and 256hz) 

Crown chakra (A=432hz)  

…And applied them to his burn spot via a constructed coil. 

The coil pumped energy from both frequencies into the affected spot and within three days John’s severely burned side was scabbing over.  It took only 32 days for the body to stop scabbing over and produce healthy skin.  

At one point shrapnel, lodged inside his body, literally began to fester itself out and leave the body with no surgery ever required.

This sort of medical breakthrough would be considered by todays science to be miraculous and yet it happened only two years ago.  The only other part of John’s regimen was the application of Aloe Vera and the consumption of vitamin E.

This is a very holistic approach towards a major medical emergency.  

The result was overwhelmingly successful.

This extraordinary breakthrough in sound medicine opens up new doors for musicians and fans of music alike.  With sound therapy and pitch frequencies proving to have an enormous impact on our body/universe it may be now up to musicians to branch out into different fields and further explore how powerful their music can be.

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