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The Embroiled Dance With Disordered Chaos



“Eureka! I have found it.” – Archimedes

In physics, energy is a property of objects which can be transferred to other objects or converted into different forms.

Simply defined, energy is the capacity for doing work. Human beings get their energy from food through a process called cellular respiration. It is important to note that energy is never lost, it is only ever transferred.

The following is an article elaborating on the process of cellular respiration


Within the mitochondria matrix resides the energy storage molecule ATP. Inside the dual membrane of the mitochondria we find what’s called the Electron Transport Chain or (ETC).



The ETC transports high-energy coenzymes called NADH. NADH is critical to the mechanized process of transporting hydrogen throughout the matrix and converting the Suns powerful energy into ATP.

This whole process is a major transference of energy. From low energy to high energy. This chemical conversion has an enormous influence over the encompassed whole that is our physical body.

These intense energetic transference take place primarily within the Eurkaryote and Prokaryote cells.

The Prokaryote contain no mitochondria and, instead, the Prokaryote are broken into dual segments, Bacteria and Archaea.

Taken from Wikipedia…

Although probable prokaryotic cell fossils date to almost 3.5 billion years ago, most prokaryotes do not have distinctive morphologies and fossil shapes cannot be used to identify them as archaea.[41] Instead, chemical fossils of unique lipids are more informative because such compounds do not occur in other organisms.[42] Some publications suggest that archaeal or eukaryotic lipid remains are present in shales dating from 2.7 billion years ago;[43] such data have since been questioned.[44] Such lipids have also been detected in even older rocks from west Greenland. The oldest such traces come from the Isua district, which include Earth’s oldest known sediments, formed 3.8 billion years ago.[45] The archaeal lineage may be the most ancient that exists on Earth.

The Archae and Eurkayotes have lived together in a dual, symbiotic existence since the beginning of planet Earth.



Much of their connection is embedded in our genetic (DNA and RNA) makeup.


Blue-green algae, a form of Prokaryotic bacteria, provides a great source of protein, minerals, fatty acids and vitamins for the human body. Blue-green algae is one of the richest nutrient sources on the planet.


Kalamath Lake, OR









The enormous history of the Archae can even be traced back through centuries Human mythological texts and encompass the ancient aspects of duality, Kenomic world view and Pleromic world view.




Prokaryotes (bacteria and Archae) as well as Eukaryotes comprise the basic construct for energy synthesis throughout the bio-mechanical, physical body.

Maintaining and respecting the bodies process at the cellular level, primarily in regarding food intake is vitally important as it is representative and reflective of the totality of all that is You.

Living plant-sources such as blue-green algae and wheatgrass are prime examples of food rich with high antioxidant content, trace minerals, enzymes, vitamin C and essential amino acids.



Take care of your body and optimize the trillions of energetic transferences occurring throughout your totality.  Take pride in what you consume as there is a vibration to every living organism on this earth as well as a vibrational impact with what you feast upon.

We are all, ultimately, part of the same ancient story that dates back billions of years.  To this day that epic continues, reflected vibrantly through the pulsating energy of light and sound.