“Golden Frequency” – Binaural Beat

Binaural beats are very interesting.  They are apparent sounds that your brain perceives as real. Therefore, the sound you are hearing does not really exist.  It is the creation of two frequencies, lets say 300hz (left ear) and 310hz (right ear) that when combined create a “binaural frequency” of 10hz.

These Binaural tones can induce a powerful relaxation feeling and open up consciousness.  Binaural beats are used for deep meditation and mental re-alignment.  For some people these tones can sound annoying, drone-like or repetitive but the point of the exercise is allow the waves to pulse through your ears for an extended period of time so that to readjust the frequencies your brain is normally attuned.  

We are surrounded by low-frequency producing mechanisms such as radio waves, microwaves, cars, trucks, helicopters, phone rings, shouting, so much that it is becomes important to take time and absorb some healthy frequencies.  

This Binaural Beat is tuned to the “Golden Frequency” (1.61803398875), which, along with Pi is one of the most important numbers in the universe.  

Please where headphones and enjoy.  


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