Escaping the Cerebral War Zone of Density

 One of mankind’s great themes is that of density.  An obsession with the notion of pressure.  That we are all under pressure, under stress, uptight, depressed, compressed, boxed-in or essentially confined.

As a collective we have many different ways of describing the same sensation; an unbearable weight, manifesting first in the mind then fed uncontrollably by a perplexing void known as the subconscious.  This sensation can leave us in an utter state of bleakness; A hole from which we can not escape.

Counter to this feeling are the much sought-after states of lightening up, loosening up, unwinding, softening up or going with the flow.

Our subconscious, otherwise what should be known as the collective-conscious network, gives us constant reminders about who we really are and what is really going on.

We live in the third dimension, a rather dense experience, and with this experience comes a myriad of problems, ranging from the physical (headaches, muscle aches, stiff back, arthritis, inflammation, etc) to the mental (stress, depression, confusion, exhaustion, the list goes on.)  It seems that one of the common goals we all share is that of finding a sought-after state of fluidity and lightness which only seems to appear for a moment at a time.

Welcome to the war zone.

Music, which almost always acts as a collective-consciousness barometer, is literally littered with clues about true state of being.  The Beatles “Come Together”, Alice n Chains “Down in a Hole”, Michael Jackson’s “They Don’t Really Care About Us”,  Joan Osbourne’s “One of Us”, Pink Floyd “The Wall”, Bob Marley “One Love”, Queen’s “Under Pressure”, or The Beach Boys “Good Vibrations”, to name a very few.

Lyrical music has always been a strong crutch in times of desperation.  It is an art form that quickly connects us to the web of consciousness and the Universe’s core construct material; Sound.

The state of being uplifted or raised up is a much sought-after experience, a subconscious desire to escape the unspecified battlefield in which we all seem to be trapped.  The secret of escape lies in our ability as people to rise above all lower-vibrational planes such as ego, separation, alienation, selfishness, etc and acknowledge our vastly superior and more constructive similarities with each other.

We all struggle.

We all have demons.

But we can escape.

An existence void of depression, anxiety, confusion, and density, can exist.  All of these negative human characteristics are not a necessary part of our experience, but rather, act as an anomalous part of our psyche, one which we must “rise above.”

Do not feed the cancer.

All thought forms are connected on the unseen field of consciousness and each one of those thoughts has a vibrational effect that can be felt.

Release the pressure.

It is important to recognize that we all suffer in this dense experience.  Therefore we must support one another.  Hold hands.  Smile.  Avoid harsh judgment.  Reach out.  Meditate.

Break the entrapment of fear.


This releases pressure and allows for constructive thought patterns to flow freely.  When freedom of expression and the exploration of knowledge takes over, periods of enlightenment then blossom.

We are not doomed to a life of individual misery and endless isolation.  We do not have to be trapped in our personal, cerebral prisons.  There is far more for us, as a collective, to experience.

The levels of counterpoint are vast and unconfined but the achievement of unity can not be successful without mutual embrace.

The goal is harmony.

A transition towards a raised level of connection.  A more enduring experience beginning first in the heart, then processed by the mind and finally interpreted through the body.

Once we escape our individual prison cells we can then be free to experience the joys of a raised, collective experience.

Otherwise known as a higher dimension.

Or a surpassing of time and space.


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