Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata recorded at A432hz!

Performed by: Brian Deegan Peck

Composed by: Ludwig Van Beethoven

Mixed by: Adrian Rhetoric

The piano is a Schafer and Sons baby grand tuned to the frequency of A432hz.  The piano was very out of tune prior to being tuned to A432hz and the recording was captured in a living room setup using two AKG Perception mics, the 420 and the 220.

It would be best to listen to this rendition through a good pair of headphones or through a quality speaker system with the lights turned off and eyes closed.

If you are not used to listening to classical music don’t worry.  Simply relax and allow whatever thoughts or feelings that come through occur.  Instrumental music is abstract and is meant to communicate, through vibration, to the heart.  Simply take all of the sounds in and enjoy the ride.


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