Archaeological Breakthrough Suggests Ancient Pyramids Were Not Tombs But Actually Powerful Sound Chambers

This short documentary does a phenomenal job entertaining a new and convincing theory about the ancient Egyptian Pyramids.  Much is still unknown about the pyramids and how they were built but this documentary poses an interesting theory.  

We have been taught, throughout the years, that the Great Pyramids constructed to be tombs for powerful Pharaohs but new research is shedding light on revelations that may alter the original story.  

Much is discussed in this short documentary including the Pyramids alignment with the certain star constellation (Pleiades and Orion,)  the specific geographical location of the pyramids in relation to planet Earth, the location of the Nile River thousands of years ago and the discovery of massive, hollowed-out Quartz Cyrstal cylinders near the pyramid.

The chambers it seems inside the pyramid were designed to resonate very specific healing frequencies.  These chambers most likely acted as healing chambers that rejuvenated the beings.  The possibility that these pyramids acted as massive sound resonators themselves harboring the power of the quartz crystal and releasing that energy across the land.  The shape of the pyramid would also direct the powerful frequencies upward and around covering the land in warm, healing sound.  

Needless to say this is all very interesting and, in my opinion, needs to be explored further.  

Please watch and enjoy.


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