Amazing New Film Reveals the Sonic Truth Behind Our Reality!!

This amazing new video unleashes a torrent of vitally important information regarding the synchronistic truth behind life on this planet.

It is about history, coincidence, conspiracy, mathematics, the number 432, sacred geometry, ancient civilizations, Pythagorus and vibrational sound therapy.  It is about the language of frequency and the realities of our illusion.  

The is the best video I have ever seen explaining the practicalities of numerology, myth and music.

I very highly suggest you watch it as it may be one of the most important documentaries you watch this year.

Relax and keep an open mind as this video will cause you to think.  

There is more to this collective-reality than meets the eye and it is our duty as people to find the clues and discover its secrets.  

Truth itself is the holy grail and there is much truth to be found in music.

Enjoy the film.

2 thoughts on “Amazing New Film Reveals the Sonic Truth Behind Our Reality!!

  1. Lilly

    Will have to watch Sonic Geometry multiple times to learn all it includes. We both studied the Circle of Fifths and you went so much further with it when you started to write music. Thanks for the clip.

    1. bpeck Post author

      Music is funny though… It only seems to get more and more perplexing as you unlock the secrets. It’s depth is still largely unknown. The Renaissance was an amazing time for music. So was the French Revolution, the Jazz Age and the hippie movement. Hopefully soon there will be a new awakening and a new culture rebirth. We are certainly overdue for a revolution!


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