A432hz Validated!

Forgive the rough footage in this video, the evidence shown is simply is amazing.  

The man uses cornstarch and soundboards (plates, diaphragms, or membranes) to capture physical changes to the cornstarch under the influence of certain frequencies.  

Notice the beautiful and symmetrical patterns the cornstarch produces when influenced by the A432hz frequency.  The pattern grows and evolves becoming more complex as the frequency raises it’s vibration.  

Notice the similarities between the cornstarch and other natural occurrences like cellular division, birthing stages and weather patterns, as well as corporate and ancient symbolism.

The scientific process being used in this video is called Cynmatics.  Cynmatics is the study of the periodic effects sound and vibration have on matter.  

It is one of the most important fields of study today.

I will be posting more information about cynmatics as my blog unfolds, in the meantime, enjoy the video.


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